CARBON, the first European EarthCache Event. On behalf of the City of Zabrze, the Guido Mine, the Polish Geological Institute (PGI-NRI), Groundspeak and myself – Hanbei / GeoAwarePL, I would like to invite you to an extraordinary geology-related event in the heart of Silesia. We hope this EarthCache Event becomes the first EarthCache Mega Event held outside of North America.
A detailed program of the event will be published soon. Let me start by sharing some important information concerning the logistics. The highlight of the event is going to be a visit to the mine. All participants will be divided into groups and each group will enter the mine at a specified time – the most important information for each of you will be the number of your group and the time of your visit. The capacity of the mine shaft is limited – only 23 people and one guide can visit it at a time and groups can enter every 20 minutes. The trip ends at a pub in the Pump Hall, where you can have tea, coffee or the ‘Guido320’ beer. The pace of the trip will be decided by the guide. You can take your time at the pub, however it would be nice if your visit didn’t last longer than 20 minutes – it will allow other visitors to enjoy this famous pub as well.

The event’s opening and all lectures on geology given by PGI-NRI scientists will be held at the Diament Hotel in Zabrze (Diament Zabrze & Diament Park Zabrze). It is located in the proximity of the mine and it can serve as a good starting point for your geocaching trips. There will be a small event shop at the hotel, where you will find the visitors’ book and where souvenirs will be available for sale. There is no registration fee required, so you will be free to pick the merchandise you like most.

All Carbon listing updates will be published as announcements and they will be added quite often. All details will be published here. Please visit our website regularly to keep your ear to the ground – I mean, to the coal.

What kind of activities do we have in store for you? A visit to the coal mine, popular science lectures on geology, EarthCaches located below and above ground level. You will also have the opportunity to discover local cultural and historical jewels while searching for about 50 traditional geocaches and letterboxes, which will be published in Zabrze on the day of the event (on Saturday morning). There is also a Carbon Big Bang awaiting those of you who plan on arriving in Zabrze earlier – but hush, it’s a surprise!
Several prize contests will take place during the event. Also, a special geology-related Geocoin, featuring ‘the gold of Silesia’ – that is, coal – will be minted as a souvenir. There will be also another unique souvenir available for all of you – a badge which can be added to your profile.
Important note: There is an entry fee at the mine, which will be required also during the event. Participation in the lectures and the concert is free of charge. Those of you who suffer from claustrophobia and don’t wish to visit the interior of the mine can participate in other activities on the surface and will still be allowed to log ‘Attended’.